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Jax's classes are friendly and welcome students with mixed abilities; groups are kept relatively small to ensure maximum teacher and student contact. The aim is for the student to become the observer finding balance between ease and effort.


Please arrive in plenty of time as there is a health questionnaire to complete before you begin any class at the Lotus Loft. It may be necessary to discuss your health first. For your safety and security the building has a buzzer entry system, please arrive in plenty of time so you don’t disturb others in the class. The studio is accessible 15 minutes prior to classes beginning.

If you have your own mat please bring it along with you, if you don’t own one, we can provide a machine washable sticky mat for your use at no extra charge. Please wear loose fitting, preferably cotton comfortable clothing. Your temperature may vary throughout the class so layers are recommended. You may also like to bring something warm for relaxation at the end of the class. Avoid a heavy meal prior to the practice and do not eat anything for at least two hours before commencing the class.

Please take responsibility for your own body, only you know if a posture is right for you.
If you become tired or uncomfortable, release from a posture and rest on your mat.
Please ask your teacher any questions, at any time.

Full details of all classes and prices are available on the Lotus Loft website.